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RDH Environmental Services
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About Us

For our clients


Our desire is to provide outstanding customer service and the highest quality service possible, using the best and newest proven technology, practices, and procedures. We uphold integrity and professionalism in everything we do, and strive to offer the most valuable service available. We are trained and experienced with the related equipment and the applicable regulations, and therefore offer expertise in the compliance and pre-treatment field.

To our coworkers


Our desire is to collaborate in order to create a healthy work atmosphere and keep it safe at all times, receive competitive wages and benefits which correspond to the responsibilities, quality, and value of our work. In our interactions with each other we will do our best to demonstrate respect, integrity, trustworthiness, kindness, honesty, appreciation, support, and understanding. We want to offer and participate in education and growth opportunities, and encourage a sense of ownership in the field staff. In line with the leadership of the owner, we want to secure income and suggest opportunities for the company to be able to help charitable causes as he sees fit.