GCS – Global Compliance Solution

GCS is an integrated Cloud Based system with iOS and Android mobile field APP’s  for Wastewater, FOG, Drinking Water, Inspections Storm Water, Field Services, POTW, Compliance & Operations

GCS is designed for both compliance and service data, through automated procedural tasks & data collection management

GCS uses BMP’s and experience on the latest technology, converting requirements into procedural tasks, forms and plans that can be assigned and scheduled to collect qualified valid data, which can be compiled, analyzed and reported on

GCS makes compliance simple through automation, management of resources, processes and data by connecting users anywhere, managing resources, Tasks, requirements, data and reporting.

You can efficiently maintain compliance and processes as you transition from long term experience to shorter term information/technology-based resources. (experienced long-term personnel leaving and short-term information-based personnel replacements)


  • People/Resource Management
  • Implementation of Best Management Practices (BMP) and Task Management
  • Advance Scheduler with Calendar based Task Manager
  • Instant dispatch and effective field data Collection & Management (Mobile APP)
  • Analyte & Analytes Group Management
  • Permit Application and Management
  • Sample Results and Violation Management
  • Simple Form Creator for procedures, and collection of  data in field
  • Facility & Site Management including Equipment
  • Field Validation, Proof of Location, Barcode, Notifications and Alerts
  • Upload files, pictures and video

Coming Soon (GCS Calendar View)

Global Compliance Solution Workflow

GCS in Action

  • Inital setup of Facility Site information, sampling, monitoring and service plan
  • Plans are scheduled with a start and end date
  • Tasks are automatically generated per plan and dates
  • Field techs are assigned detailed tasks through the GCS mobile App to capture and validate field procedures and data
  • Results are automatically uploaded from Field and/or Lab
  • Notifications of any violations are sent within 24 hours of result entering GCS system
    • to multiple users via text and/or email
  • Report generated per Regulatory Agency

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